FreeMotion® Technology

Our proprietary FreeMotion® technology (patents pending) is a computer vision library that allows accurate real-time tracking of the entire human body as well as background removal using regular webcams.

FreeMotion® technology allows development of camera games for multiple platforms, even if the underlying camera technologies differ, such as one platform using a regular RGB camera and another using a 3D depth camera.

How it works

Original image:


This is the original image from a PlayStationŽEye Camera or a similar webcam.

FreeMotionŽ Skeleton Tracking:


FreeMotionŽ Skeleton Tracking accurately tracks the player's poses and movements. This includes data for all body parts such as hands, feet and the head. In this imge, the tracker recognizes the player's punch movement.

FreeMotionŽ Background Removal:


The player's image is extracted from the background and transferred into a game world. The background removal works in home conditions and does not require a greenscreen or any special background material. It can even remove people from the image who aren't supposed to be there! With FreeMotion® Technology, you can literally step into the game world and interact naturally with it. You'll feel empowered with magnified and expanded abilities.

Tech Validation & Perspectives

Our technology and patents have withstood the scrutiny of several due diligences. They have always been found to be the best existing real-time human tracking and background removal technologies on a regular RGB webcam. FreeMotion® has been integrated with several game engines, such as Emergent® Gamebryo®.

Processes & Tools

Current platforms:

Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Methodology and design principles:

  • We swear in the name of agile development, extensive prototyping early on and efficient and broad testing.
  • We take great pride in good processes and writing high-quality code.
  • We utilize Scrum with two to three-week sprints.


  • Gamebryo® Lightspeed™, Scaleform GFx™, Autodesk® 3ds Max®, FMOD, Subversion, IncrediBuild, SN-DBS
  • In-house tools: FreeMotion® technology, an efficient Adobe Flash-based rapid prototyping system for camera games, a robust automatic testing framework built on top of CruiseControl.NET, automatic testing using NUnit, CPPUnit and PC-lint static code analysis.
  • In our development pipeline, all modules are compiled and integrated multiple times a day thanks to continuous integration. Every build is subjected to automated error, quality and performance tests. Issues are highlighted and developers receive feedback within minutes of committing code.