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December 30, 2015

Xbox One


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Beatsplosion uses Kinect for Xbox One to transport players into the crazy world of subatomic particles in search of a Unified Field Theory – by smashing everything into smithereens. Players will punch particles, dodge walls and jump over obstacles, all to the beat of music.


Beatsplosion started out as a game about smashing stuff. Because, well, who doesn't like smashing stuff? The first key idea was to have satisfying physical reactions. When you hit a crystal pillar, it 'splodes into tiny fragments that fly out based on your hand's motion - upward, downward, forward, any direction you like. The harder you hit, the more they scatter! Every punch is unique, every crystal responds exactly to your hits. The next step was adding music so you weren't just punching randomly, you were doing it in time to a beat. At higher tempos, things started to get rather sweat-inducing. That's when it all clicked together: a rhythm game about smashing stuff where you get a great workout almost by accident. And did we mention the smashing yet?


  • Rhythm and exercise game with Virtual Air Guitar's signature Kinect control
  • Punch particles in time to the beat! Dodge walls, jump over obstacles!
  • Satisfying physical reactions!
  • Get your sweat on! (Daily use may result in getting seriously fit.)
  • Earn all 5 skill belts: tempos from 130 to 180 bpm, each with a variety of challenging levels
  • Epic black belt challenge at the blazing speed of 200 bpm!
  • Designed for daily exercise: 3-minute levels, 20-minute challenges and a weekly play time tracker
  • Use leaderboards to see who's the top ninja


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Beatsplosion for Kinect Brings Exercise to Xbox One – Beat Ninja Style! beatsplosion.com.

Thomas J Holmes
Music thomasjackholmes.com.

About Virtual Air Guitar Company

Virtual Air Guitar Company is a Finnish indie studio specializing in motion games, from full-body action to precise fingertip control. The company was founded in 2006 by computer vision and virtual reality researchers.

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Beatsplosion for Kinect Credits

Aki Kanerva / Virtual Air Guitar Company
Design, Programming, Art

Ilkka Kalliomäki / Virtual Air Guitar Company
Additional Programming and Design

Thomas J. Holmes / Freelancer

Samuli Siurala / Freelancer
Additional Music (Insane Challenge track)

Salla Hämäläinen / Freelancer
Sound Design

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