An explosive journey with Boom Ball!

A world full of smashing action

The cubic creatures of planet Crebos are back, and they're trying to ruin your vacation! Travel around the world and smash the cubes with your trusty Boom Ball for peace and relaxation.

Boom Ball is a dynamic mix of racketball, Breakout and gratuitous explosions. Control the paddle to keep the ball in the game and destroy all targets in this upbeat arcade game.


  • Easy-to-learn true 3D controls
  • 55 levels of fun demolition in 5 exotic locations
  • Two-handed control: dual paddles and dual lasers
  • Juggle multiple balls at the same time
  • Solve puzzles using fingertip lasers, and blast UFOs out of the sky
  • Explosions! Portals! Space physics! Ducks!
  • Lighthearted fun, all the way down to the music and sounds