Squid Hero for Kinect

Squid Hero saves the world using the power of Kinect! Out now on Xbox One!


Boom Ball for Kinect

Lighthearted ball-bouncing, brick-smashing fun for the whole family. Out now on Xbox One!


Kung-Fu High Impact

Get it today from Games on Demand for Xbox 360 and FIGHT the baddies with REAL kicks and punches!


About Us

Virtual Air Guitar Company is an indie studio with experience on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Android. We create unique motion games and applications, from full-body action to precise fingertip control. Our company was founded in 2006 by computer vision and virtual reality researchers.

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We are open to projects ranging from technical consultation to complete games and applications. Ask us about licensing or customizing our current products, or collaborating on new ones. We have published games using PS Eye, Kinect (1&2), PrimeSensor and the Leap Motion Controller, and we've worked with several other motion input technologies, such as Intel RealSense.

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